Sheffield Otherwise Fragment

The ‘fragment’ aspect of the Sheffield Otherwise project in partnership with Gut Level and SADACCA sought to reify critical aspects of the four student groups’ partner-led strategies whilst attending to identified the immediate needs and spatialities of the respective partners. Using found materials from SADACCA’s building on Wicker, the fragment metabolised waste and surplus objects, […]

Day 8 – Celebrating the Connection

As the ‘reserve team’, we arrived to the final day in Sheffield with much energy and excitement to see what the group had experienced and produced in what felt like a fully-packed week. The students were huddled in their groups across Sadacca’s community center in Wicker Street, working closely together on the narratives and learnings […]

Day 7 – Sharing and Reflecting

Day 7 has also flown away. We are almost at the end of this experience. It feels that everyone has mixed feelings between excitement and tiredness. While most of the groups have been working on the preparations for tomorrow, some students have been assembling the artifact with Akil and Seth from Resolve. Surrounded by drilling machines, […]

Day 6 – Stories through Making

The space in Sadacca is more than just a place for gathering, but also a space for caring and sharing. The sewing activity, which is held twice a week in Sadacca, is part of a caring approach organized by a women-led community in Sheffield. We were honored today to have the opportunity to speak with […]

Day 5 – Listening through the Noise

“Have you eaten plantain before? Wait, do you know what plantain is? No, what does it taste like? Yes, I’ve seen it. It looks like a banana. It’s not a banana, it’s almost the best thing in the world. You will learn to say it right., it’s /Plantin/ while you’re here.” Week 1 has run […]

Day 4 – Time for Food (and sun)!

Today, a group of students were invited to sadacca’s kitchen. They had the opportunity to work with Rob in preparing lunch for the entire group. The experience was incredibly enriching, allowing for meaningful conversations around care and identity to take place. It was wonderful to share stories and find common ground that will surely inspire […]

Day 3 – Getting to Know Each Other: Pt 2

Day 3 at SADACCA really started at Day 2, where the groups heard from the inspirational Ella Barrett @ellatembarrett about her seminal work on the SADACCA Bantu archives. This got the ball rolling for the two BUDD groups at SADACCA to then critically hone in their approaches and cartographic methods for Day 3 when the name of the game with information gathering.

Day 2 – Getting to Know Each Other: Pt 1

In preparation for the trip, we were trying to find more about the queer heritage’s past in Sheffield. How long can we trace back queerness here? What is the known history? We were looking for the continuity of the queer living heritage. The past, the present and the future of queerness.

Day 1 – Meeting Sheffield

After two years of online engagement due to Covid-19 restrictions, this Field Trip feels like a new and refreshing start and we can clearly feel the excitement in everyone’s eyes

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